NBA Finals - Who Deserves the Championship the Most?

It's hard to believe I haven't written about one of my biggest passions on earth on this blog yet: and that passion is NBA basketball.

I freaking love this stuff.

I love the sport of basketball with a burning passion that y'all just don't even know. I watch Draft Express videos, I watch NBA highlights, I watch old school NBA highlights, I watch shows that are all about basketball like The Starters and Inside the NBA. Literally anything I can.

I don't even know why I'm obsessed with it. 

I just am, and have been for years.

So for the basketball lovers among you, this one is for you:

Who deserves to win the NBA Championship this year?

Now I'm not talking about what team deserves to win because that's hella boring and who really cares about that?

NBA basketball isn't about a team, it's about the stars, the role players, the bench warmers and coaches. It's about the characters, talents and personalities that make up these teams.

What makes NBA basketball compelling is these individuals, not the teams that they play for, and that's dope, because nothing is cooler than people.

So which people between these two teams deserves the NBA championship the most? 

My criteria is also completely subjective and differs from person to person, and how I pick these people is based on who I thought of first and who many people might think of first too. So I picked people that stick out to me. 

So here goes:

Festus Ezeli & Andre Iguodala:

They both deserve to win because of this video. Also because Iguodala has the body of a Greek god and based on pure aesthetics a body like that always deserves to win.

Yo poor Festus though he looked so sad. I mean, look at this he deserves a W:

This is the end hold your breath and count to 10 credit to Adele for some straight fire lyrics to describe Festus' plight right now.

This is the end hold your breath and count to 10 credit to Adele for some straight fire lyrics to describe Festus' plight right now.

Andre got the giggles because he's about to be mean to Festus.

Tyronn Lue

This lil' homie is crushing it this year. He's come a long way from being stepped over by cornrow hip-hop king Allen Iverson and from not being permitted to talk to Shaq. He's the coach of the most dramatic team in the league, led by the NBA's most physically talented and narcissistic star. And he's done real good. Watching him in press conferences is a refreshing thing because he is steady and sure of himself. And yet he has every reason to freak out all the time. Like, the Cavaliers lost two games to my beloved Raptors even though they were clearly the more talented team that just couldn't pull it together. Imagine David Blatt in press conferences after those games. He would've been shook.

Instead, Tyronn calls out LeBron before Game 6 to be LeBron. He pep talked K-Love to his dominating self for Game 5. He makes them run when LeBron wants to slow it down and pick and roll his way into grind-it-out victory. And he's like 4'11 like damn boy there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.

He's got this kind of unflappable, steady nature that's hella necessary and vital to this team. And it's not David Blatt's fault that LeBron holds the reins of the franchise, but he wasn't able to deal with that while still being his own horse. Tyronn Lue is able to deal with the reality of his situation while still being the coach.

And that's big. Give this boy another championship.

JR Smith: JR SMITH. I look at him and I think of crystal meth, or maybe steroids. Some kind of drug that does bad things to you but makes you feel like you're invincible. I ain't never done drugs (most I know about crystal meth comes from Breaking Bad) but I imagine they put you in a place where you feel damn good and don't care about the consequences. And JR Smith is the embodiment of that, the king of that atmosphere of IDGAF where you do what you want whether it's raining threes or raining bricks.

This boy don't care.

1-37 still got a bucket tho.

1-37 still got a bucket tho.

And damn it's fun to see him go off. When he hits threes without fail they are always a swish, dropping through the net like a foregone conclusion. And when they go in, he's as dangerous as Klay Thompson or Steph Curry, only his shots are always more difficult and run a far greater risk of missing.

And when he misses, you aren't surprised either.

He's the most stressful kind of baller and to see him succeed is the kind of thing that would elicit the most polarizing of reactions, from many people being simply over the moon for him to others shaking their heads and thinking 'how did this happen.' And that's hilarious. He deserves a championship just so people can cheer for him and curse his name with equal ferocity.

Kyrie Irving: If you had to use a single adjective to describe how NBA players play, which one would you use for Kyrie? For Damian Lillard, I'd use 'cold-blooded' (taking advantage of some hyphen use here). For LeBron, I'd use 'powerful.'

For Kyrie, his word is 'nasty.'

I mean, his elite quickness and handles look far more vicious than any dunk I've seen, except maybe Vince Carter on Alonzo or T-Mac on Shawn Bradley. Because instead of one vicious slam his basketball ken is all about hitting you again and again like a snake biting and biting again until that venom overloads your system and your movements become more and more sluggish until you finally lay down to die.

He's all about one cross here one cross there until you're lost and he lays some impossible lay-up in over you that's way more difficult than it had to be just because he can. It's the kind of thing that just demoralizes you as a defender, when someone doesn't just dominate you with a single play but with every single play that he has on you. There's no one nastier than Kyrie when he's on.

I mean look at this, MAN. The most steadfast, rock solid team in the league and he just does this kind of crap to them:


Kevin Love: I don't think Kevin Love deserves anything. Not cuz he's the worst but more like he inspires complete indifference rather than any sort of anger or joy. He's kind of the anti-JR Smith.

My feelings towards you sir are similar to this face that you are making.

My feelings towards you sir are similar to this face that you are making.

Stephen Curry: Steph Curry is like Chance the Rapper: he seems to be gifted from above and he gives honour to his God above and now it looks like he's on a path from above. How can you mess with that?

Even with all his accolades, the adjective I'd use to describe Curry is 'unassuming.' Not otherworldly or transcendent or even cold-blooded, even though he is all of those things. I'd use 'unassuming,' because we always underestimate this guy. 

There's literally nothing else he has to do but still other NBA players and writers and other media pundits propose that he isn't tough enough, he's isn't athletic enough, not whatever enough.

Westbrook has no chill.

Yet every matchup he's in, whether it's with Westbrook or Irving or whatever, he eventually wins out. He's a winner, and he doesn't talk about it but he's the best player on the planet right now.

And he deserves to win because he wins regardless of the situation, period.

Draymond Green: A compelling reason why Draymond Green deserves to win is because he's fire. Fire burns, engulfs and consumes. That's what Draymond Green is, he lights the rocket that the GSW is. Without him they don't quite go in quite the same way. He's brash, bold, talkative and often just obscene and dirty. But do I think he deserves to win? I guess kind of. But literally, he doesn't really have the kind of firepower himself to win anything. He kind of just makes things go, but he needs a locomotive first. He's a conductor that needs his train, and without his train, he's just a conductor without a train, a normal guy. And that train is the GSW. So I don't know if he deserves to win, he just doesn't really hit me that way. So subjectively, I don't really care if he wins or not, but, if GSW wins, he's the indispensable reason why.

So he doesn't really deserve to win in my opinion, but he's a crucial part of what's going to make Steph Curry, or Klay Thompson, or any other of GSW winners. So take that as an backhanded compliment to the guy.

Matthew Delevedova: This guy is a dirty lil monkey who nonetheless plays very hard. Those are all my feelings on the matter.

LeBron James: Does LeBron James deserve to win?  To be honest, yes, and I'm not even his biggest fan. Mostly because his few cons are some of the most annoying things about human being. Firstly, he's a massive whiner, which entails a vast amount of entitlement. Watch him any game and he'll complain about every call, and has even said himself that as an only child, he's always wanted everything and wanted it his way. 

He's a brat. A 30 year old brat or whatever, but still a bit of a brat.

But he's also charismatic, he's funny. He's a fantastic leader, and he's the most transcendent physical talent the NBA has ever seen since Wilt the Stilt was high jumping and 100 pointing his way into eternal, ethereal, athletic lore. And he uses that talent to its max, and makes everyone around him better by his mad skills. He's a stupidly good passer, incredibly smart on the floor, and freaking unstoppable when he's on the break or with a full head of steam. He has no physical equals and probably never will (discounting John Trice of NBA 2K fame).

And he's played more basketball than anyone in the NBA for the past few years because he's gone to the NBA Finals for 6 straight years. And that's INSANE.

He's incredibly talented, an incredible motivator, an incredible leader, and incredible teammate. He's the pinnacle of excellence despite his faults, and ya.

He deserves to win.

Klay Thompson: Oh, and Klay deserves to win because he is the most underrated two-way player in the game and is pretty cool. I wish he elicited more words from me from but he doesn't. That said he's still great and deserves to win I think regardless if I don't have enough words to say about him even when he deserves it.

So he should win to make up for that. Logical right?

So there you have it, some of these guys deserve to win and some I guess don't really.

So who deserves to win the most?

I don't know, probably none of the guys has that kind of thing over the other.

And that's what makes the world great and terrible at the same time. People that deserve to win don't always win. People that don't deserve to win sometimes win. And that's just how it goes. We'll see what happens tonight. GAME 1 BABY LET'S GO.